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Welcome to AMV Law | Award Winning Law Firm

At AMV Law Solicitors we have over 20 years experience in helping people who have suffered injury through no fault of their own. Our Specialist Solicitors are some of the most experienced in the field and solely deal with Personal Injury. AMV Law is a member of APIL and regulated by the Law Society.


We are a niche practice, established by Anna Theodorides the principal, in order to provide an efficient, personalised and second to none service not found in other such practices. With over 20 years experience of dealing with all types of claims from the most severe of brain damage to those more simpler matters relating to road traffic accidents we will bring your claim to a swift and successful conclusion. We aim to offer a friendly, positive and simple service ensuring that you are fully informed, in plain English of the progression of your claim at all times.

Our specialist team have extensive knowledge of assisting people who have been involved in an accident that was not their fault. Whether you have been injured at work or involved in a road traffic accident we will assist you in recovering the maximum amount of compensation possible.

All claims undertaken by AMV Law are dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

We offer FREE legal consultations - simply contact us on the above number with your details and we will discuss your claim with you in plain English without legal jargon to ensure that you are fully aware as to the simple and hassle free process of pursuing your claim.

We recognise the importance, to our clients, in bringing their Personal Injury claims to a swift and satisfactory conclusion. Our team of Specialists will ensure that they recover the maximum amount of compensation to put you back in a similar position as prior to the accident.

AMV Law have experience in handling the most severe of injuries from brain damage as a result of road traffic accidents to severed fingers in the workplace all causing significant changes to our clients' lives. Our claims have been featured on the documentary Panorama, and we have other high profile matters also.

If you have been in an accident and wish to make a claim for personal injury, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above number.