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Construction Site Accidents

Whether you are Self-employed, a contractor or an agency worker we understand that an accident whilst at work on a construction site can not only be a traumatic experience often involving an error or omission of an unknown person or contractor. We understand this can often leave your business, employment and very livelihood in disarray, with loss of earnings and potential contracts while you recover from your injuries.

Our Specialist Solicitors understand your worries and work closely with you, along with your accountants or agency, if this is the case, not only to obtain the maximum compensation for your injuries but also to ensure that we establish your financial losses in terms of salary and potential losses of business. Our Solicitors are highly experienced in working through tax returns and future unfulfilled contracts to establish exactly what your losses may be.

Every effort is made to ensure that the correct third party is established as efficiently as possible with the least disruption to both you, your business and or future prospects. Once your claim is underway and a positive response is received from the third party’s insurers we will seek upfront payments to assist your financial needs.

 The above combined with our expert knowledge of the Construction Regulations relating to Health and Safety on Construction sites we offer a second to none service in this field.