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Manual Handling

Lifting and moving items of work is sometimes unavoidable, most employment involves an element of Manual Handling, however your employers have an obligation to train you and ensure that they reduce the level of Manual handling to the lowest possible level to avoid Personal Injury to their staff.

Reducing the level is done in a number of ways, providing trolley, extra man power and so on, however this is often over looked by employers pushed by speed and efficiency over safety and wellbeing of their staff. This is the cause of people being involved in Work Accidents.

Budget restrictions can also play a large part in this omission of their duty of care.

In accordance with the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 your employers obligations are to reduce the level of lifting and moving items to the lowest level possible so as to avoid Personal Injury. If this is unavoidable, they must ensure that specific risk assessments are undertaken often involving the provision of Personal Protective Equipment in the form of boots in case items are dropped etc. It would also involve what sort of equipment and systems of work would reduce the need to lift and move items in the first instance.

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