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Personal Protective Equipment

Every role at every place of employment carries it’s own risks to Health and Safety at Work.  The Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 enforce an obligation on your employers to assess every task to ensure that personal injuries can be avoided in the event of something going wrong without warning.  For instance a Hard Hat must be worn on a Building Site, it is inevitable that with all that's going on something may fall from above.  Or gloves and eye protection where chemicals are being used or wood is being cut using an electric saw for instance.

Often employers negate their responsibilities or often simply overlook the dangers involved in specific tasks, this leads to Accidents at Work which cause Personal Injury.  As employees we tend not to question those who employ us and simply get on with the task in hand, this is not our fault however it is always the responsibility of your employers to ensure that the correct PPE is provided at all times.

It is without doubt that our Solicitors with over 20 years experience in Personal Injury are experts in this area of law and will do everything they can to ensure that your claim is progressed efficiently and bought to a successful conclusion.

Protective equipment
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