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Road Accidents

Here at AMV Law, we understand that having a road traffic accident can be a traumatic event, often causing significant injuries. We deal with claims from Minor Injuries to Brain Damage.

The most common injuries sustained in road traffic accidents are those of whiplash to the neck and back.  These are caused by the forward and backward movements caused during the collision. Whiplash to the neck and back are often extremely painful and debilitating.

Our efficient team here at AMV Law will ensure that we assist in every way that we can to relieve any pressures in relation to your claim.  Once liability has been admitted for your accident, we can arrange, on a private basis, for you to have rehabilitational services such as physiotherapy to assist in your recovery.  We will undertake your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis – and that is guaranteed.

car accident

It is an unfortunate fact that some road traffic accidents can be life changing incidents causing significant and debilitating injuries.  Our Solicitors are experienced in dealing with accidents resulting in the most serious injuries including brain damage and catastrophic internal injuries.  We ensure that we give continuous consideration to you throughout the claim to ensure that we are able to assist you in both your rehabilitation and your future standard of living.  Wherever possible we will ensure that we obtain payment in advance of your compensation to assist you in any adaptations required in relation to housing or care needs.  In addition to this, we are able to arrange rehabilitational services, instruct experts to assess your care requirements and living needs, and arrange the appropriate adaptations where required and possible.

With Solicitors with over 20 years experience you can be sure that every attention to detail is given in the pursuit of your claim to ensure that you receive maximum compensation on your behalf.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident within the last 3 years, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above number for your free, no obligation consultation.